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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  November 8, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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p.m. instead, we will find out that they are still counting and that could be a couple more days before they still of the official results. we had an interview, and earlier and let me show you. >> we still of a couple of thousand provisional ballots to come. this is where the voter has gone perhaps to the wrong polling place. still allow them to vote but director research if there's still registered. and if they just want to the run precinct? several thousand and i was hoping to have those done but that is just not going to happen. >> they're going to stay late today and early tomorrow to continue discount of several thousand professional pilots. this is the first that oakland as you say ri-ranked joyce, this is so difficult to close and people have been frank-choice. and basically,-it is eliminating the need for run office
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ranking a choice. here is a look at a sample of the rent choice ballot the arrows are three different columns of the rin ranking choice, the first, the second, the third selection of candidates and they are tallied. the vector is 50 + one of the first selection and if no candidate is a majority? the elimination process begins and how was that working. and step one, someone is eliminated but the fewer of the first choice is eliminated from the race. step two, the vote are transferred, the unlimited will be their second choice. step three. a recount. step four, a winner is declared or the process begins again. if somebody is over 50% their declared the winner. if not? the process starts all over again.
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>> and another great thing to remember is that no matter what this scenario " is. you only get one vote. that is usually in the one or transferred. again, they're still counting and it could be a couple of days before we get the results. reporting live outside of the alameda courthouse, kron 4 news. >> a candidate for quan and dan kerman was there and her reaction, dan? >> pam, she met with reporters at city hall about 30 bandits ago. she was open for new information-30 minutes ago, that did not happen. and sure means cautiously optimistic that this trend the last time three released results will continue in chula eventually be able to declare victory right now, she is cautiously optimistic. >> and amazing victory for
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grassroots organization asian in the city. we've been outspent by a couple of million dollars, and at least six, seven, one. grassroots organization in the city, and i hope we're on the verge of victory but i do not think it will know until friday. >> of course, as christine mentioned, it could be an early as tomorrow, friday, we do not know what will get the results. we ask what is the first thing she would do when takes office. and the first thing perot would do would restore police officers in the first thing she would do is to look cut the budget as to what type of shape oakland is in. but what is clear, to have the passage is not having to lay off more police officers and making that very clear. from today's news conference and she's still hopefully uand and optimistic, and she will have a party after it this announcement. it is not a victory announcement we can
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wait and see " announcement will still of the party tonight anyway. and possibly of another party leader in this week if this result turned out to be as she helps. this is the latest from the oakland city hall, dan kerman. >> this morning, the top five through the san francisco district tend were also with an 13 votes-1 for votes--of each other as this tele choice. two of the 21 votes spoke about the ranking choice. >> and i am in those district tend. >> it is unusual to of 21 candidates that is really. and i think that this is what is complicating the process. so many candidates for them to watch. >> if the election department would just stick to counting all the peoples
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first choice? i think that this would be less complicated. >> it is good because the competition is great because we're creeping a loon the other, perhaps it is going to create more complications. will have to wait until the final vote. >> the election director said that the results of these votes will not be completed until november 30th. >> new details about a murder and san francisco russian hill neighborhood. ex-convict, gary scott holland has been arrested for the murder of a kathleen horan on october 30th. this is her photograph, she providpretended to be a said tht district attorney says that the suspect was preying on people's fears after the destruction by the san bruno
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explosion. >> this defendant was a true predator. and put himself out in a position of trust to this victim's and she opened the door. and let us all sleep well but he has been captured and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the suspect, gary holland has been charged with murder and attempted rape and three counts of burglary. he was released from prison in the month of april after soaring 11 years for attempted murder. -serving 11 years. >> cool, breezy, after a rainy sunday. things have not gotten that warm-up struggling to get out of the 50s. 56 in san francisco, 57 degrees and the son of a real and the warmest is a low 60s, inland. upper 50s and the south bay and what we expect tonight, come with chilly conditions and a few clouds. a very cold with
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frost in the north bay, without any of those clouds. 30's in the north bay, and a round of showers will tying it out of futurecast coming up in a bit. >> new at 5:00 p.m., at 5:10, a new fee hike. how much the wants to raise tuition at this time to read. why it is going to the projects , 5:50, and microsoft is try to break into the smart phone market. we will take a look of the new windows 7, phone.
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>> the increase would be 100th $11,124, the students have already been too many tuition increases. >> and me and my friends are already struggling to pay for college as it is. if these fee hikes go up? how are we supposed to continue and concurred to go to college? >> it is pretty ridiculous, the already an accua 32%, that is nearly double the tuition. if that the 2006 class paid i do not know how they expect more diversity on the campus. that claims to have a diversity one this is going to turn away a lot of students to will not be able to 04 going to school here. >> president of the you you see that changes are needed to help close a budget
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shortfall with funds for additional financial aid for families which are less than 80,000 per year. the board is supposed to vote on this, next week. >> a look of our extended forecast we are not, the revo, just yet. showers and then a warmer weekend. we're not done with showers, just yet. >> a live look aside to san francisco you can see the backup. outside, and the standstill. the bottom is not much better that is going southbound on how we 1 0 1 towards the peninsula. we will be back, much more news, to come. can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ?
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>> in oakland, following the sentencing of johannes meserle. oakland police say that organizers went in one direction and a rally of 200
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protesters went in another direction done 14th street. causing property damage along the way. the rioters were not part of the grant peaceful riots, and there were talking about the decisions of moving in, and taking arrests. go right before that, we have a squeamish on the sixth, there were starting to get kicked rocks, and low scores windows were broken out. the decision was made to end this as quickly as possible to minimize damage and to move in, and make 252 arrests on sixth avenue most for unlawful assembly. we're still processing all of the breasts that and made. 56 were from people of the house and the oakland. and it ranges from berkeley, said its fiscal, long beach and as far south as san diego. >> most of the protesters are arrested were booked,
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gerald, released with charges pending in each case. meanwhile, opened businesses cut back to >> and how did you do? in the damage? >> and no damage. it is fine. >> this cafe escaped vandalism on the front is a oscar grant rally. on monday, downtown shop owners removed plywood from windows as things get back to normal. oakland police the two businesses were damaged including this shell station on fifth avenue. the owners said in addition to breaking windows, they vandalize discuss pricing stsign and thousands dollars does want thousand dollars worth of damage. and also, that marching from civic center to sixth avenue. oakland police moved in and eventually made arrests. in oakland, haaziq
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madyun. >> the first snowflakes of the season in the northeast. here is a look at of long island. for the north, thousands of homes, businesses were without power and maine, new hampshire, and powerful storm moved up the coast. in jacqueline bennett is a look at our forecast, jacqueline? >> with rainfall yesterday but right now, a gorgeous sunset of mostly clear skies. with the cooler air, and the clear skies temperatures are going to drop off, dramatically overnight. a frost to advisory for the north bay. the pink is representative of 3:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. tomorrow and mostly low 30's in the north bay. to take a look of those temperatures and possibly freezing in napa! 32 degrees in napa, and 36 degrees and san rafael, and the 39 degrees in livermore, and also the low 40's. a chilly morning
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tomorrow. cooler afternoon with the upper 50s, low 60s. 59 degrees in santa rosa, that a, half moon bay, oakland, hayward, 61 degrees in hayward. we are seeing clear skies but that will push to the east and there is another storm in the way. up to the north, the band of clouds is pushing towards the coast. and it is going to clap and the light. on futurecast, it will be- clipping--into the san mateo coast. continuing south of the golden gate by 10:00 p.m. however, light shower activity. tapering off after midnight, and delaying by 3:00 a.m.-were not even expecting that much, roughly one-tenth per inch. and just races, this is not a rainmaker. with dry weather. -just traces of. and cooler
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temperatures however, a warming trend towards the weekend. gorgeous fall weather with temperatures expected in the low 70's for the weekend. >> and from the president obama this was the last day of his visit as he was posing for pictures and attending state functions and also laying the groundwork for a bigger stake in asian politics >> it is no when since that india is my first stop on a visit to asia. this has been monologuist visit since becoming president. >> the president. not just to make friends and complement his busy making trade deals, and this groupidismissing grapes and rivl pakistan against safe haven to terrorists. as he, the first lady settled in for a lavish state dinner it is clear this diplomacy gives the president obama to reassert himself on the global stage. he was
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endorsing the permanent indian security council, he spoke to india, u.s. exporters and a win-win relationship. >> it is our form of a belief that the united states and india, bound by a our shared interests, and our shared values will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. >> president obama will leave for in tunisia and the country whe he spent four years as a boy. in indonesia. >> google is offering free and flight wifi on certain domestic flights. and to the okamoand kimberly? >> the promotion is from november 20th of the way to january of next. all you need is a wifi bubble device and you are ready to surf the web for free. domestic flights with delta,
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bertrand, for in america. this will help virigin america, and air tran and those monthly passes for white fight are $30-$50 say that fog. and there will get a lot of good will from the consumer sector happy about this. also, a lot of extra free advertising get things to all of those google surges that will take place. pamela? >> the left side is the golden gate at a medium clip, northbound, southbound. the right side is the san mateo bridge, the headlights are east bound. you see how slow traffic is and also slow on the westbound which is on the right side. we will be right back. people! look at you!
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>> several bird rescue
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groups have been looking at segal's cured with at least five looking from stinson beach, to happen bay,- siegel's. those organizations are trying to raise enough money to purchase equipment to help capture of these birds to remove those. and taking dona was able to locate one and how it is doing. >> i was lucky enough to find this a siegesea gull and first, i thought would this difficult to stick out however, this was to out from the rest. i approached this bird to find a better shot. i'm just a few feet away, the edison, right there. 12 ft. away. and others are a way, and i do not know if it is uncomfortable or if it is not able to fly? the wild
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rescue organization is raising funds to purchase $ 350 that would enable a safe method. then they're asking deep cuts did not to catch it because of be frightened, and may be an eventual kedge, less likely. this was not frightened is the reason why somebody was able to with the can on his back. you can see the wild birds are flocking around. so catching the birds in the first place might not have been a difficult. you can see how tight the can has gotten a raw the neck and wildlife experts say the this is very uncomfortable and could eventually kill this bird. in case you're wondering? yes, this bird can still fly. in san francisco, dating dona. , a live look as the sun shine goes down. and with very chilly conditions and a nice sunset. the- gingona
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